09 October 2020

Psst: wanna hot tip on cryptocurrencies? DON'T GO THERE!


Excerpt from a letter to the Telegraph: In January I read an advert for home working on the website of a national tabloid newspaper. It turned out to be cryptocurrency trading with an investment firm called Global1Exchange. I looked up some reviews online, which were mainly positive. Initially I invested £190, just to get a taste. I was assigned an account manager, who seemed very astute. I provided proof of my identity, as per money laundering regulations, including high-quality photographs of myself. The first thing Global1Exchange did after setting up my account was show me how to withdraw money. An identity check appeared on my account at ClearScore. Global1Exchange proceeded to call and email me. I made three withdrawals from my supposed account to the tune of £9,000. My investments seemed to be doing well.

Over a few weeks I invested £240,000. Then the entire sum was lost in one trade. Or so I was told. Then it dawned on me that my investments didn’t really exist. The whole thing had been a scam and I had lost everything...

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