20 May 2022

Watch the BRAND NEW #ThyKingdomCome2022 trailer

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.

Thy Kingdom Come 2022 is just days away (26th May - 5th June) and we are expectant to see what God will do during these 11 days and beyond. We have fantastic range of resources for your church including a brand new trailer for this year's campaign to share with your church & the App!

The award-winning Thy Kingdom Come app is back and is the perfect accompaniment to journey through the 11 days. This includes the main 11 videos, audio reflections from 24-7 Prayer's Lectio 365, daily Bible readings and space to pray for your five people. The App is also available in several languages including French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Korean and Spanish. Download the App from on the App Store or Google Play.

We have a range of resources for your church service including a wonderful video message from Archbishop Justin Welby; commissioning service plans, hymns and prayers.

Tune in this Sunday, 22nd May, to watch the Thy Kingdom Come Sunday Service which will be broadcast on the Church of England's Facebook page and YouTube channel at 9am BST.

Nigeria’s Christians are under attack, but does the West care?


The scene is medieval in its horror: a woman stoned, beaten and set on fire by a mob shouting 'Allahu Akbar'. But this didn't happen hundreds of years ago: it took place a week ago in Nigeria. The victim was a Christian student named Deborah Samuel, from Sokoto in the north west of the country. Samuel's 'crime', for which she paid with her life, was to have allegedly posted a ‘blasphemous’ comment on a WhatsApp group against the prophet Mohammed.

Even in a nation riddled by decades of ethnic and religious conflict where thousands of Christians have been killed, the incident has sparked uproar. But this outrage has mostly been confined to Nigeria itself; much of the Western world turns a blind eye to the horrors unfolding in Africa.

In the last year, more Christians have been killed for their faith in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world combined. In 2021, at least 6,000 Christians died for their religion; eight in ten were Nigerians, often at the hands of jihadists. Read more...


19 May 2022

The passwords most used by CEOs are startlingly dumb

A recent cybersecurity report shows how immensely idiotic many CEOs and business owners can be, considering the strength of their chosen account passwords. Imagine entrusting the livelihood of hundreds, even thousands of employees to someone who uses '123456' or 'qwerty' as a password.

The research comes from NordPass password manager which identified back in 2020 that the general public's most commonly used passwords were sequential numbers like '123456', 'picture1', and yep, you guessed it: 'password'.

The more recent research sample consists of 290 million cybersecurity data breaches around the globe, and denotes the job level of those affected. Turns out, when it comes to CEOs and other high-ranking businesses execs, their password choices are much the same as the general public, although many often feature names. Tiffany was spotted in 100,534 breaches; then there was Charlie with 33,699; Michael was found 10,647 times; and Jordan, 10,472 times.

The research is pretty worrying, and makes it painfully clear that most data breaches don't happen because of some profound cyber hacking initiative; around 80% are down to people choosing really poor passwords.

Read the above? Now - how to do it properly: 5 Top Tips to pick a secure password.


16 May 2022

Honda’s new campaign encourages more people to give biking a go!

Honda’s new ‘Ride Free’ campaign aims to encourage more people to try riding motorcycles and they are also offering a free ride to anybody interested.

Honda knows that motorcycles and scooters are good fun, as well as great transport. To they have a simple and straightforward offer to those contemplating getting started on two wheels – ride a 125cc Honda motorcycle for free.

The Ride Free experience aims to introduce as many people as possible to motorcycling through the Honda Dealer and Honda School of Motorcycling network in an enjoyable, informative and no-pressure environment.

The Ride Free day is completely free and will provide training and sales specialists to help new riders toward a new motorcycle, scooter or full license. In addition, there’s a bonus £50 toward the cost of a CBT on purchase of a new 125cc Honda motorcycle or scooter and £500 off a new Honda motorcycle over 125cc if a full license is attained at a Honda-approved training school.

Ride Free is already in operation across the Honda dealer network, with placed ready and waiting to be booked over the coming months.


15 May 2022

Christian Aid Week 2022. Free coffee and cake! Together we can turn hunger into hope

Hi, Please join us for FREE coffee and cake on Saturday 21st May at All Saints Church (Denmead) Hall from 10am to 12pm. 

We are raising money for Christian Aid Week because it’s unjust that drought is driving people into hunger.

Jessica fears her children won’t eat tonight. Drought robs her of the power to provide for her family. But with your help we could make sure families like hers can grow drought-tolerant crops that flourish in the changing climate.

Please join me this Christian Aid Week by donating to our e-envelope or bring the paper envelope delivered to your home . 

Thanks, Revd Emma


13 May 2022

It's 2022, phones should be built to last five years or more

If you’ve bought a new smartphone recently, hopefully, you’re planning to keep it for a very long time. Modern hardware is more than good enough that it should last many years. Rather than specs falling out of date, a lack of updates or the need to repair a broken screen or battery is likely to be the barrier to realizing this long-term investment. That’s certainly the way the wind of consumer trends is blowing.

According to trade-in data from Hyla Mobile, the average age of a smartphone turned in for trade-in during Q3 2021 was 3.32 years. That’s up from 3.13 years in Q3 2020 and much longer than the 2.36 years in Q3 2016. In other words, the past five years have seen consumers hold on to their phones for virtually a whole year longer on average, ruling out the pandemic or economic causes for a short-term trend.

You probably spotted that consumers keeping their phones for more than three years pushes past the length of time that most manufacturers promise to update their phones. Three years of OS upgrades is still the industry default for flagship phones, but it’s often far less for mid-tier and affordable handsets. Apple and Samsung are the manufacturers offering the best longer-term support. Samsung promises four years of OS and five years of security upgrades for its recent flagship and mid-tier handsets, which should last a handset for its entire lifecycle. Other brands are not so committed to the long-term.


Waterlooville Motorcycle Club: Fossils Charity Bike Run 2022


The Fossils Charity Bike Run is WMCC’s major fund raising event and is open to ALL motorcycles old and new. Over the years we have raised in excess of £45,000 for our charities and we hope you can join us on the day.

The hampshire and isle of wight air ambulance no. 1106234

Serv wessex / the blood runners charity no. 1156383

Please complete the form available HERE and send your entry fee with a stamped addressed envelope to the address on the form to enable us to return your receipt and entry number.

Venue: Start and finish at Horndean Technology College, Barton Cross, Horndean, Hants. PO8 9PQ. A3M exit junction 2

Entry: Advance entries – Riders £18, passengers £5

Late entries on the day – Riders £20, passengers £5

ALL riders must complete an entry form.

Signing on: 9.30 onwards. ALL riders must report to registration area to sign on. A number will be provided and this must be clearly displayed on the front of the motor cycle. The signed route will be approx 50 miles in distance, returning to the college, maps will be provided.

Start time: 11 am. Riders to be ready to leave the college by 10.50, and to avoid congestion bikes will be organised to leave the parking area in groups of 10.

Parking: Any accompanying vehicles and trailers must park in the designated area. There is free parking for the public and please note that NO dogs are allowed on college grounds.

Breakdown: In the event of a breakdown a back-up vehicle will support the run. Please note that machines will be recovered at the owners risk and returned to the college. No repairs will be undertaken.

Refreshments will be available to purchase at Horndean College of Technology before and after the ride. Toilet facilities are available on site.


09 May 2022

Bitcoin price crashes to 2022 low amid crypto market collapse

Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to its lowest level in 2022, down more than 50 per cent from its all-time price high.

The cryptocurrency crashed below $33,000 on Monday morning for the first time since July 2021, according to CoinMarketCap’s price index, marking the latest in a severe capitulation from its price peak in November.

The price drop comes amid a broader crypto market collapse, which has seen nearly $300 billion wiped from the value of cryptocurrencies over the last four days.

Why has Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies plummeted? Because it is worthless! Read what investment giants and Techies think of crypto. Do not waste your hard earned money, while damaging our planet - it's just greed...


59 Club’s 60th Anniversary & Blessing of the Bikes at London’s iconic Westminster Abbey - Sunday 8th May


On Sunday 8th of May (stunning weather - thank you Lord!) I rode up to the Ace Cafe for a meetup (& coffee - well it is a cafe!).

At approximately 1pm we were corralled by Blood Bikers & motorcycle Police from the Ace to the Hanger Lane Gyratory, then on the A40 Westway, out to Westminster Abbey - to celebrate the Evensong & the 59 Club’s 60th Anniversary of the Blessing of the Bikes!

What a fantastic day! Beautiful spring weather: perfect for riding ~200miles. A great turnout & camaraderie @ the Ace. Followed by a moving very High Church service at the Abbey. Then another ride through London back to the Ace for a nosh-up, then back home. Phew - what a day!

Photos HERE - on photos.google.com

06 May 2022

Child of Hope Uganda - a new video tour of the school

Child of Hope makes huge social impact for the poorest and most vulnerable slum children and their families from its schools in Eastern Uganda. Please consider supporting Child of Hope.

Our work takes place in the Namatala slum near Mbale, where we have built our nursery/primary school and secondary school. Up to 30,000 people live there, many are internally displaced people (IDPs) from the north. Around half the population is school age but poverty prevents most of them going to school.

We love telling our stories through pictures and video. All these short films star our kids... part of what we want to achieve is to give them a voice. Enjoy!

Our school (2022): Enjoy a 6-minute tour around our nursery/primary school in Namatala slum, guided by pupil Isaiah.


Google, Apple, Microsoft promise end to passwords, courtesy of your mobile phone

A future without passwords may be closer than we think, at least when a new initiative to enlist your smartphone as a mobile authenticator gets off the ground.

On Thursday, the FIDO Alliance - announced a new type of authentication that would use passkeys stored on your phone to unlock your online accounts without requiring a password. Google, Apple and Microsoft are all on board with the new method and have promised that their respective operating systems will support this technology.

Passwords have always been a poor way to secure our accounts. We’re constantly told to create a strong, complex and unique password for each account. But that’s a difficult task, leading many people to use weak and repetitive passwords, which can easily be compromised and used in data breaches and account takeovers. Such tools as password managers have provided some relief but still chain us to this clumsy and ineffective means of authentication.

With support from Google, Apple and Microsoft, the new authentication method will store a FIDO-based passkey on your mobile phone. That key will be encrypted to protect it from compromise and will be accessible only when you unlock your phone. When you try to sign into an app or website either on the phone itself, a nearby computer or other device, that passkey will automatically log you in regardless of the operating system or browser and without you having to enroll or re-enroll your device. If you switch to a new phone, your passkey will make the trip with you.


02 May 2022

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger - on why bitcoin sucks


Investor Warren Buffett addressed the annual shareholder meeting today for his multinational holding company Berkshire Hathaway — and said he still wouldn't buy bitcoin. But this time he gave a detailed explanation why. CNBC reports:

"Whether it goes up or down in the next year, or five or 10 years, I don't know. But the one thing I'm pretty sure of is that it doesn't produce anything," Buffett said.... "If you said... for a 1% interest in all the farmland in the United States, pay our group $25 billion, I'll write you a check this afternoon," Buffett said. "[For] $25 billion I now own 1% of the farmland... Now if you told me you own all of the bitcoin in the world and you offered it to me for $25 I wouldn't take it because what would I do with it? I'd have to sell it back to you one way or another. It isn't going to do anything... The farms are going to produce food...."

"Assets, to have value, have to deliver something to somebody. And there's only one currency that's accepted. You can come up with all kinds of things — we can put up Berkshire coins... but in the end, this is money," he said, holding up a $20 bill. "And there's no reason in the world why the United States government... is going to let Berkshire money replace theirs."

Later Saturday Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman Charlie Munger had an even harsher appraisal of bitcoin. "In my life, I try and avoid things that are stupid and evil and make me look bad in comparison to somebody else — and bitcoin does all three," Munger said.

"In the first place, it's stupid because it's still likely to go to zero. It's evil because it undermines the Federal Reserve System... and third, it makes us look foolish compared to the Communist leader in China. He was smart enough to ban bitcoin in China."