Friday, 17 January 2020

Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cable. So: USB-C or Wireless next for Apple?...

Apple could be forced to abandon its Lightning connector cable if European lawmakers get their way. The cable is used to charge and sync many Apple devices, such as the iPhone.

But members of the European Parliament urged the European Commission on Monday to force tech giants to adopt a single universal charging method.

Two other charging cables - USB-C and micro-USB - are used on Android devices, and Apple has already stopped using Lightning on the 2019 iPad.

European regulators will vote on the matter on a yet to be determined date, but Apple says the proposed regulation would stifle innovation and be disruptive to consumers.

The all new Microsoft Edge Web Browser is available to download now!

It's time to expect more. The new Microsoft Edge is now available for download on all supported versions of Windows, macOS, Android and iOS in more than ninety languages.

Insiders, thank you for joining our journey to build the new Microsoft Edge. There have been millions of downloads of the prerelease builds by the Microsoft Edge community. We couldn't have done it without you. We will continue to engage with the Insider community to make Microsoft Edge the browser that puts the web to work for you.

So, what's the difference between old & new Edge? On 6th December 2018, Microsoft announced its intent to base Edge on the Chromium source code, using the same rendering engine as Google Chrome but with "enhancements" developed by Microsoft.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

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Stay connected to what matters most with long-lasting battery life[1] and thin and portable, micro-edge bezel design. Built to keep you productive and entertained from anywhere, the HP 39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal laptop features reliable performance and an expansive display - letting you stream, surf and speed through tasks from sun up to sun down.

Windows 10 Home in S mode (convertable to Win10 Home)
Intel® Core™ i3-7020U (2.3 GHz base frequency, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal FHD SVA anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)
8 GB memory; 128 GB SSD storage
Dual speakers; HP Fast Charge; HD Webcam

Update Windows 10 immediately! NSA issues warning about "critical flaw"

Microsoft today released updates to plug 50 security holes in various flavors of Windows and related software. The patch batch includes a fix for a flaw in Windows 10 and server equivalents of this operating system that prompted an unprecedented public warning from the U.S. National Security Agency. This month also marks the end of mainstream support for Windows 7, a still broadly-used operating system that will no longer be supplied with security updates.

As first reported Monday by KrebsOnSecurity, Microsoft addressed a severe bug (CVE-2020-0601) in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/19 reported by the NSA that allows an attacker to spoof the digital signature tied to a specific piece of software. Such a weakness could be abused by attackers to make malware appear to be a benign program that was produced and signed by a legitimate software company.

An advisory (PDF) released today by the NSA says the flaw may have far more wide-ranging security implications, noting that the “exploitation of the vulnerability allows attackers to defeat trusted network connections and deliver executable code while appearing as legitimately trusted entities.”

“NSA assesses the vulnerability to be severe and that sophisticated cyber actors will understand the underlying flaw very quickly and, if exploited, would render the previously mentioned platforms as fundamentally vulnerable,” the advisory continues. “The consequences of not patching the vulnerability are severe and widespread.”

Donline would like to introduce "Hope and Soul" - a wonderful charity based in Tanzania

Hope and Soul are a UK registered charity established in June 2017. Our love for the people of Tanzania began in 2013 followed by yearly return trips to the busy city of Arusha working with different charities, local projects and exploring the greatest needs.

Since 2013 Hope has been supporting the children at Women's Christian Orphanage through generous support from friends and family in the UK. We have been able to provide so much to improve the lives of these children and to this day they are thriving under our continued support.

In 2016 after being introduced to a whole new world of secret children who are rounded up and chased from the streets by the local authorities, we soon discovered a great need. It is estimated that there are over 400,000 street children in Tanzania alone.

These children are extremely vulnerable, many do whatever they can to survive; often turning to begging or petty crime in order to feed themselves. We aim to provide for and rehabilitate these children and young people through support, education and training to give them the skills and security they need to achieve immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

Hope and soul work very closely with large numbers of street children in Arusha providing clothing, shoes, medical care, food and relief from the authorities. We currently have a re-enablement project that works with those over eighteen years of age. The boys share rented accommodation and are supported into jobs or education depending on their future aspirations. Working with these children is not always easy but as they learn to accept love and kindness we build great trust with them.

Kim & I know the Prosser family - who between them are founder & trustees of this wonderful small charity. We highly commend Hope and Soul - please consider supporting them in their work with the children of Tanzania. No-one can fix everything, but we can all fix something. Let's be part of that fix!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Don Tocher - Plummeting for Parkinson's! Abseiling from Guildford Cathedral's tower - 16th May 2020

Abseiling from Guildford Cathedral's tower!
Location: Guildford Cathedral, GU2 7UP
Date: Saturday 16 May 2020

I'm raising funds to support Parkinson's research. My darling wife Kim works for Parkinson's UK - helping to support people diagnosed with this neurological condition. Also one of my dear friends has Parkinson's. Please sponsor my Parkinson's Plummet - and raise funds to help develop new treatments, faster. Together we'll find a cure.

"Once you've climbed the 249 steps to get to the top of the Cathedral Tower, you get to experience the beautiful panoramic views of Guildford before making your epic descent. The views are spectacular, the challenge is terrifying, the cause rewarding. Are you up for it?"

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

14th Jan 2020: Windows 7 is now "End Of Support". GCHQ warns not to use Windows 7 computers for banking or email!

GCHQ has warned people not to do internet banking or use emails from computers with Windows 7 from 14th Jan 2020, when Microsoft will end support for the software.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the public-facing arm of the cyber spy agency, said that devices still using the operating system after next week will become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks as the tech giant stops patching weaknesses in its product.

Microsoft announced last year that it would be ceasing technical support for Windows 7 and urged users to upgrade to its Windows 10 system.

It is estimated that there are still more than 440 million people using Windows 7 worldwide, which was first released in 2009.