Monday, 12 October 2020

Places to ride to in Surrey and West Sussex - by Motolegends

If you live in Guildford or Godalming, Motolegends may well be your closest motorcycle clothing shop, but the truth is that we do always seem to have attracted visitors from further afield. And these days, we are often truly humbled by the distances we discover people have journeyed to come and see us.

A lot of people come a long way to see us. And so we wanted to create a video, and ultimately a website (coming soon), that shows bikers cool places they can ride to in and around the area; more specifically in Surrey and West Sussex. Now it’s true that we cannot offer the grandeur, the expansive vistas and the sheer isolation that you can find in the Highlands, for example. But we do have some really nice roads. And there are lots of great places to visit. Places for breakfast and afternoon tea. We’ve got interesting bike shops, great fish and chip restaurants, peaceful pubs, the freshest farm shops and the like.

We hope you enjoy watching this video. As we go into winter, there will be fewer days where you are going to want to cruise around the back roads of Surrey and West Sussex; but don’t worry; most, and hopefully all, of our recommendations are still going to be there next spring.

So if you’re planning a trip to come and see us at some point, build in some extra time, and explore the local environs a bit. You won’t be disappointed. And it’s a lot warmer and drier than Scotland!

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