Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Basic IT training: have you tried turning it off and on again?


OK, it's a bit of a cliché - but true nonetheless: switching an IT device off, waiting a while, then switching it back on - often solves a myriad of problems!

What counts as an IT device? Traditionally a desktop PC, but nowadays it could be a laptop, phone, tablet, smart TV, Router, printer, etc.

Why does this work? IT devices are complex things - a combination of hardware & software, often from many different vendors. Sometimes these devices have been running for days, weeks, even months without a reboot. Occasionally things go wrong. The easiest way to clear an error condition is to power that device off cleanly (not via the power switch - unless it can't be avoided). For a Windows 10 system: Start Button, Power, Shut Down.

A clean shut down will tidily close any software (applications, operating system). 

Then wait (say 30 seconds) & a cold boot (switching the system on - from a powered off condition) will allow the operating system & any applications to load up cleanly once more. This should clear most simple errors.

Hibernation & power save modes can cause issues - often a user doesn't realise that their device hasn't been rebooted in many days. Again: turn it off, turn it on again is your friend! More IT hilarity like this from: Roy, Moss & Jen: The IT Crowd - from Amazon!

If you get stuck, and need IT support: contact Donline.

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