30 November 2017

I like a traditional pie, not sure about this recipe...

Morrisons is recalling its "Traditional Chicken and Mushroom Pie" from sale because a small number of packs do not contain that pie, but a fish pie.

The fish pie contains fish and mustard which are not mentioned on the label.

The Food Standards Agency says the supermarket's pies are therefore a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to mustard and/or fish.

It says that those bought in error should be returned to the store from where they were bought.

I'm no culinary expert, but I thought a Chicken & Mushroom pie should contain, er, Chicken & Mushroom. Not Fish & Mustard. Perhaps it's a modern take on a traditional recipe? I'll stick to these pies.

MCN: We've ridden the Kawasaki Z900RS - and we like it!

The new Z900RS (Retro Sport) is an unashamed nod to the bike that started the whole Zed story for Kawasaki: the 1972, 83bhp, 903cc, inline four-cylinder ‘900 Super 4’ Z1. It’s a feisty, feel-good bike, but with the 2017 Z900 base machine proving itself to be such a perfect, if unexpected, performer this year, we kind of knew it would be.

Starting with the brilliant Z900 as its base, we always knew the new RS would match performance with looks. It oozes 70s Z1 charm, detailing and mixes it with modern technology, easy speed, light controls, superb build quality and fastidious attention to detail. There’s enough performance for experienced riders to enjoy and for new riders it’s a piece of cake to jump on and live, or relive your 70s dreams.

Motorcyclists: it's time to layer up for the winter!

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how good your gear is or how much you spent on it, when the temperatures get close to zero, you’re probably going to feel cold on the bike. 

Bear this in mind. If the temperature is, say 5° Celsius, at 70 mph the effective temperature is -10° Celsius. If the temperature is 0° Celsius, the temperature drops to -19° Celsius at 60mph. At that temperature, if your balls were made of brass, they would simply drop off! 

A fairing on the bike will help you feel warmer, as do heated grips, but when you ride a motorbike, you sign up for the good old days as well as the bad ones. And there’s no way around it, when you’re exposed to the elements and it’s cold and wet, you’re going to have to endure a certain amount of discomfort. 

Crucial to keeping you warm and, importantly, dry are the right base layers. They can make a huge difference. For more information, click here and go to our editorial on base layers

29 November 2017

Free eBooks from Microsoft: Server, Windows, Office, etc. Learn something new, improve your skills!

FREE! That’s Right, I’m Giving Away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! Including: Windows 10, Office 365, Office 2016, Power BI, Azure, Windows 8.1, Office 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, System Center, Cloud, SQL Server and more!

If you have been a follower of mine in the past, you know that several years ago I tried a simple concept: Let’s try giving away a bunch of free eBooks, reference guides, Step-By-Step Guides, and other informational resources to our customers and partners around the world. Needless to say, the concept was extremely the first year (over 1,000,000 FREE eBooks downloaded), and it has grown and grown over the past few years (over 3.5 Million downloaded two years ago and we surpassed that last year!) So, how many FREE eBooks can we give away this year? Well, that’s completely up to you...

Apple bug means you can log into macOS High Sierra as root - with no password

A trivial-to-exploit flaw in macOS High Sierra, aka macOS 10.13, allows users to gain admin rights, or log in as root, without a password.

The security bug can be triggered via the authentication dialog box in Apple's operating system, which prompts you for an administrator's username and password when you need to do stuff like configure privacy and network settings.

If you type in "root" as the username, leave the password box blank, hit "enter" and then click on unlock a few times, the prompt disappears and, congrats, you now have admin rights. You can do this from the user login screen, too.

The vulnerability effectively allows someone with physical access to the machine to log in, cause extra mischief, install malware, and so on. You should not leave your vulnerable Mac unattended, nor allow remote desktop access, until you can fix the problem.

Apple has now published this handy guide to enabling the root account and setting a password for it, which defeats the above exploit. Setting a password and then disabling root may also work for you: in any case, set a password for the root account.

28 November 2017

6 misconceptions about GDPR - helpful advice from Cisco

Cisco has been helping thousands of businesses with their GDPR preparation, which means they’ve been asked pretty much every question there is to be asked on the topic. They have kindly summarised the most common questions that get asked, and have provided some practical answers for anyone who is currently on the path to GDPR compliance.

1) I only have to worry about GDPR if I get breached, right?

2) Where does GDPR give me the list of security things that I need to do?

3) What products do I buy to be GDPR compliant?

4) It is a European thing, so Brexit gets us out of it, surely?

5) Tell me about those fines again?

6) Didn’t the EU already have laws on this front? Surely I’m compliant already?

The top 10 Motorcycle innovations that never caught on

Yamaha would be forgiven for experiencing some nerves at the moment. Having revealed its MT-09-powered NIKEN three-wheeler, it now faces the task of getting some motorcyclists to embrace the idea by buying it.  

When the Niken was shown at a press conference in Milan earlier this month, it seemed clear that the firm sensed a potential challenge ahead. Yamaha Europe's Chief Operating Officer Eric de Seynes ended the press conference by saying: “Please, please, please, test it, try it. You will discover another way of riding and it is fantastic... never judge it before to test it. Please.”

It probably is brilliant to ride - but are we ready for a third wheel? We (and Yamaha) will find out soon enough. In the meantime, here are 10 other revolutionary motorcycle ideas that drowned in a sea of conformity.

BTW, here are my favourites from this list, both by Suzuki:
Falcorustyco (honestly what a stoopid / appropriate name for a Suzuki - "Rusty-Co"!) & Nuda. Both bonkers & glorious machines!

League of Gentlemen reunion - back on our screens soon!

"Welcome to Royston Vasey. You'll never leave." That sign greeted visitors to The League of Gentlemen's fictional home town. And it's proving true for the cult sketch show's creators, who have been drawn back there for three Christmas specials after more than a decade away.

During three award-winning TV series, a film and a stage show, the twilight zone of Royston Vasey was home to a collection of sinister, twisted and wickedly funny characters, including:

The grotesque Tubbs and Edward, fiercely protective of their "local shop for local people", who warned unfortunate visitors "we'll have no trouble here"

Demonic carnival ringmaster Papa Lazarou, who kidnapped women, calling them all Dave and telling them "you're my wife now"

Sadistic pen-pushing Job Centre trainer Pauline and her loyal trainee Mickey

Hilary Briss, the butcher who sold illicit, addictive and unspecified meat known as his "special stuff"

Herr Lipp, the German schoolmaster whose poor English skills often threw up double entendres.

The co-stars have reunited for the 20th anniversary of two things - winning the Perrier, the top comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe, and their first national exposure with a series on BBC Radio 4.

27 November 2017

Question: "Why is idol worship such a powerful temptation?"

Answer: Ultimately, the answer to this question is “sin.” It is the sin nature of man that causes us to worship modern idols, all of which are, in reality, forms of self-worship. The temptation to worship ourselves in various ways is a powerful temptation indeed. In fact, it is so powerful that only those who belong to Christ and have the Holy Spirit within them can possibly hope to resist the temptation of modern idolatry. Even then, resisting the worship of idols is a lifelong battle that is part of the Christian life (Ephesians 6:11; 1 Timothy 6:12; 2 Timothy 2:3).

When we hear the word idol, we often think of statues and objects reminiscent of those worshipped by pagans in ancient cultures. However, the idols of the 21st century often bear no resemblance to the artifacts used thousands of years ago. Today, many have replaced the “golden calf” with an insatiable drive for money or prestige or "success" in the eyes of the world. Some pursue the high regard of others as their ultimate goal. Some seek after comfort or a myriad of other passionate, yet empty, pursuits. Sadly, our societies often admire those serving such idols. In the end, however, it doesn’t matter what empty pleasure we chase after or what idol or which false god we bow down to; the result is the same—separation from the one true God.

Please take the time to read this article in full.
It is challenging (in a very good way) on a personal & societal basis.

Art for PetrolHeads: PopBangColour. Painting artworks with cars

At first it seemed like chaos - paint & stuff everywhere!
Then you see his paintings - amazing!
He drops liquid paint onto his backing, then paints using toy cars as brushes.

PopbangColour is artwork created by contemporary British artist Ian Cook. 
Cook paints using radio controlled cars, car tyres and wheels.

26 November 2017

One bike show down... Time to plan the next!

Bri, Mike & I had a fantastic time that the NEC Motorcycle Live show!
We went up on Friday, stayed at the Ibis Styles hotel - which is a 10-15 minute walk to the NEC - perfect!
So much to see & do. My fave bikes were the new Honda Gold Wing & Kawasaki Z900RS. Bri liked the Honda Rebel. Mike the Suzuki SV650X.
I'm really pleased to meet with Donna & the crew at Two Wheels For Life, and Tim on the Ogri stand.

There were plenty of good deals to be had, and were had too! 
A number of beers were quaffed, & nosh was noshed. :0)

Well, what next, I wonder?...

24 November 2017

Calli has been to the pooch pampering parlour again!

Another amazing transformation from:
Thanks Pam!

Broadband firms must ditch 'misleading' speed ads

Broadband firms will no longer be able to advertise their fast net services based on the speeds just a few customers get, from May next year.

Currently ISPs are allowed to use headline speeds that only 10% of customers will actually receive.

In future, adverts must be based on what is available to at least half of customers at peak times.

It follows research that suggested broadband advertising can be misleading for consumers.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) looked into consumers' understanding of broadband speed claims and found that many were confused by headline speeds that they would never actually get in their own homes.

The Darkness - at O2 Southampton. Brill!

Bri, Mike & I went to see The Darkness at O2 Guildhall Southampton last night, supported by Blackfoot Gypsies.

Blackfoot Gypsies were great. Not heard of them before, but a definitely a band worth watching out for. 

The Darkness were amazing! Pure rock n' roll entertainment. What a band!

The venue, hmmm, mixed opinions. Good location, nice building, bar offers fast service. Not sure about the sound system though: interval music, support & main band sounded muddy & compressed - which is a shame. LOUD!!! Ears are still ringing!

23 November 2017

Intego Apple Mac Security at 50% discount!

Intego’s Thanksgiving Weekend Deal - Save 50% off all Intego products!

As our way of saying thanks, and to keep you safe this year while you shop online, beginning today through Cyber Monday you can enjoy 50% off all Intego software!

Through Cyber Monday, use coupon code HAPPYTHANKS at checkout to get any Intego X9 software bundle for 50% off.*

*Discount only applies to home users. Regular renewal rates apply. 
This offer expires after Cyber Monday, November 27 at 11:59PM PST.

Facebook's action plan against foreign (Russian) election interference

We are committed to protecting legitimate political discussion within our community and fighting foreign interference in elections. That's why we are taking steps to increase Facebook's transparency and security.

Strengthening Enforcement
Investing in operations: We're improving our systems to keep activity on Facebook authentic. This includes hiring 10,000 people including ad reviewers, engineers and security experts and combining their skills with advances in AI and machine learning to identify and remove content violations and fake accounts.
Updating our policies: We're updating our policy to block ads from Pages that repeatedly share stories marked as false by third-party fact-checking organizations.

Increasing Transparency
Sharing 3,000 ads with Congress: We're actively collaborating with government authorities and other technology companies to identify common threats and stop foreign interference.
Making advertising more transparent: We're building new tools to make it clearer who is paying for political ads, and we're making it possible for you to click a link and see the ads a Page is running, even ones not targeted to you. In addition, anyone purchasing US election ads will now be required to confirm who they are.

Supporting an Informed Community
Fighting false news: We're committed to preventing the spread of false news by removing economic incentives for spammers, building new products, and helping people make more informed decisions about what to read, trust and share.
Reducing clickbait: We've made updates so that you see fewer clickbait stories in your News Feed.

Bikers of Iraq

These bikers travel across Iraq, flying the flag for tolerance and a love of motorbikes.

A non sectarian band of brothers that share a common humanity & love of bikes & riding. "We have Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Kurds & Turkmen". 
Well done guys: ride on!

Suzuki Katana 3.0 concept - by Italian magazine Motociclismo

It's come to something when a magazine seems to do better at creating new Suzukis than Suzuki.

You would be forgiven for having taken that impression away from the Eicma show in Milan last week, where this stunning Suzuki Katana concept debuted.

While the ‘Katana 3.0 concept’ was on Suzuki’s stand, no doubt leading some to hope they might be looking at a potential future model, it was the work of Italian magazine Motociclismo.

It’s a GSX-S1000F faithfully restyled by Rodolfo Frascoli and built by Engines Engineering to ape the 1980s classic Katana GSX1100.

22 November 2017

Deals of the day: two Sony Bluetooth devices

Deal 1:
Simplified Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch.
30 mm neodymium driver unit.
Up to 30 hours of battery life.
USB rechargeable, cable included.

RRP: £90.00
You Save: £55.01 (61%)


Deal 2:
Extra Bass: Hit the Extra Bass button to get things going; dual passive radiators work together with stereo full-range speakers to bass a boost - despite the compact size.
Up to 24 hours of battery life: Play music all day with up to 24 hours of battery life; the voice feedback function tells you the remaining battery level and when it's time to recharge.
Water-resistant design: Whether you're listening to tunes indoors or outdoors, relax knowing the wireless speaker is IPX5 water-resistant.
Wireless party chain: Enjoy the same song with wireless party chain; connect up to 10 wireless speakers via Bluetooth and synchronise the music and lighting so everyone's dancing to the same beat.
Any time, any place: The SRS-XB30 is compact and wireless so it's easy to move; with a long battery life and a water-resistant surface, you're free to pick it up and put it anywhere.

RRP: £150.00
You Save: £75.00 (50%)

21 November 2017

Please help The Salvation Army to bring joy to people who are suffering this Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration; for us, it is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. But it's also the busiest time of the year for our officers, staff, and volunteers.

The demand for our services will be at its peak, and we need to ensure that we can be there for everyone who turns to us, whether that be offering practical help to people without a home, warming the hearts of those who are lonely or delivering boxes of food to struggling families. It's at Christmas when we need your help more than ever.

At this time of the year, I'm reminded of the saying, 'there but for the grace of God go I'. John and Jenny's story shows that anyone, at any time, could face uncertainty and look to us for support. 

So please, if you can, donate to our Christmas Appeal this year. Together, we can bring the joy and peace of Christmas to people who need it the most.

Thank you, and may God bless you,

Lieut-Colonel Melvin Fincham

On behalf of all the members of  

20 November 2017

The Font has been restored at St George’s Church, Waterlooville!

Thanks so much to all who donated. 

It will be re-dedicated this Sunday 26th November during the 10AM service. 

We'd love to see you especially if you donated and / or you were christened in the previous font.

Like "good" chocolate? Treat yourself to a Fairtrade Divine Advent Calendar!

Choose between Milk and Dark Chocolate this Advent...
or enjoy both!

5 reasons to choose the Divine Chocolate Milk Advent Calendar
1) Contains 24 seriously smooth Fairtrade milk chocolate hearts, perfect for children and adults alike.
2) Features a beautiful nativity scene illustrated by Stephen Waterhouse (his 10th for Divine!).
3) Tells the traditional Christmas story day-by-day.
4) Has an educational game to understand the bean-to-chocolate journey on the the back of the calendar.
5) Teaches you to say 'Merry Christmas' around the world from countries where Divine is made, sold or sources its Fairtrade ingredients.

5 reasons to choose the Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar
1) Contains 24 deliciously rich Fairtrade 70% dark chocolate woodland animals.
2) Features a luxury gold woodland scene illustrated by May Van Milligan.
3) Suitable for vegans.
4) Has a fun wildlife fact behind every window.
5) For every calendar sold, 3p goes to the Woodland Trust to help protect, restore and create woodland in the UK.

Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo, the cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners, they get a share in the profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global marketplace.

So when you buy Divine Chocolate, you can feel good that the farmers that grow the finest quality Ghanaian cocoa beans are benefiting too. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Deal of the day: Microsoft Office 365 Home, 5 Users, 1 Year. Under £50!

Buy Microsoft Office 365 Home - 5 Users - 1 Year Subscription and get started with updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Publisher* and Access*. 1 TB of online storage in OneDrive. Order now for MS Office 365 Subscription and get Office 365 5 Users right away. (*not available on Mac)

Renewing your subscription? Simply purchase Office 365 and enter your login ID from your current Microsoft account

For 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets including iPad, Android or Windows, plus 5 phones

Easily install Office Mobile on multiple smartphones including iPhones, and Android phones (Office Mobile is already installed on Windows phones)

The Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher* and Access*. 1 TB of online storage in OneDrive. (*not available on Mac)

18 November 2017

Dog owners have lower mortality, study finds

Dog owners have a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease or other causes, a study of 3.4 million Swedes has found.

The team analysed national registries for people aged 40 to 80, and compared them to dog ownership registers.

They found there was a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in owners of dogs, particularly of hunting breeds.

While owning a dog may help physical activity, researchers said it may be active people who choose to own dogs.

They also said owning a dog may protect people from cardiovascular disease by increasing their social contact or wellbeing, or by changing the owner's bacterial microbiome.

That and the wonderful love that a canine friend brings into our lives. 
Thank God for dogs!

Virgin Wines Advent Calendar primed & ready for action!

Christmas is too short for boring wine! 
My Virgin Wines Advent Calendar includes equal numbers of world-class Reds and Whites, a Rosé or two, Prosecco, even a festive Champagne treat… 
Roll on December!

Calli is playing the role of guard dawg. 
Hope she doesn't get thirsty!

17 November 2017

Will you make sure there's enough for everyone this Christmas?

Children across South Sudan and Burkina Faso won't have enough to eat this Christmas. But you can make sure there's enough for everyone - and every pound you give will be doubled by the UK Government. 
At Christmas, a time of plenty, we come together with family and friends to celebrate, relax and often overindulge. So it feels particularly unjust that so many families will go without food, security and hope.

Most UK small businesses in the dark over GDPR

There is still much work to be done before UK SMEs are fully prepared for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With the GDPR compliance deadline just over six months away, the UK’s small business community remains unsure about a number of related issues.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to come to grips with what “personal data” really means, their customers’ new and extended rights, and whether the permissions they currently have to contact customers will meet the requirements of GDPR.

Deal of the day: Top brand Bluetooth Headphones under £30!

Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Black

Control music and calls directly from the headphones
Ultra-lightweight and adjustable headband fits all head shapes
Built with premium materials including stainless steel arms and dirt resistant fabric
Supports Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 288 hours stand-by time

RRP: £79.99
*** You Save: £50.00 (63%) ***

16 November 2017

Kawasaki Z900RS - Official Studio Video

The much rumoured and eagerly anticipated 2018 model year machine christened the Z900RS is an up-to-date modern classic blessed with a multitude of references to the Z1, the machine that not only acted as a crucial stepping stone for Kawasaki as a brand but also changed the face of performance motorcycling forever.

Tagged a “Retro Sport” thanks to its RS moniker, the new Z900RS has been painstakingly created by Kawasaki’s styling department and factory engineers as an all-new machine.

There’s no place for fake in the lifestyle you choose. Kawasaki alone has the heritage to deliver yesterday’s values to today’s riders in a truly authentic Modern Classic bike. The visceral spirit of a 1970s legend – Kawasaki’s original king of cool Z1 – finds expression in the Z900RS, to satisfy the very essence of the rider you are now.


Bought anything from Jewson recently? Hack exposes details of almost 1,700 customers

Builders merchant Jewson has confirmed in writing to customers that their personal data could have been exposed in a cyber break-in that occurred late this summer.

In a letter sent to customers – seen by The Register - Jewson stated: "As a Jewson Direct customers, we regrettably are writing to inform you that our website (www.jewsondirect.co.uk) has suffered a security breach and, as a result, your personal data including your credit/ debit card details may have been compromised."

The digital burglary is "likely" to have taken place on 23 August but was only discovered on 3 November. The website was temporarily shuttered on learning of the breach and remains closed. The ICO was then informed of the hack on 10 November. The hackers were seemingly left undetected for weeks, plenty of scope to do all sorts of mischief.

“We are commissioning a detailed and thorough forensic investigation into the breach. The investigations of the breach are ongoing,” the missive added.

15 November 2017

Psalm 40 - let the Lord lift you up!

I waited patiently for the Lord;
 He turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
He set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand.
He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in Him.