30 July 2020

The MotoCompo could be about to get a 21st century makeover as Honda Patents the Motocompacto name

The MotoCompo was a suitcase-sized petrol-powered scooter that was launched in 1981 going on to be produced until 1983. It was designed to fit around Honda’s small cars of the age, namely the Honda Today and City, both of which had luggage compartments that could accommodate the folding motorcycle. Despite only being on sale for a fleeting couple of years, the MotoCompo sold well with over 50,000 hitting the streets. It also gained a kind of cult status among petrolheads that is normally reserved for much more powerful motorcycles.

As with most quirky trends from years gone by, the concept looks like it could be about to get a refresh as the trademark Motocompacto has been filed and a concept bike, looking like a modern-day MotoCompo has been around for some time now. While that concept, shown here, is an idea of how the machine will look, it’ll likely be toned down considerably for the actual machine.

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