16 July 2020

Is your business ready for the 2025 ISDN switch off?

Five years may seem like a long time, and while there’s no need to panic, it’s something businesses need to start thinking about sooner rather than later. Watch the webinar where Zen Internet's product experts talk about the switch off and what your business can do to prepare. 

How to prepare for the ISDN switch off: Careful consideration of your business communications strategy, your employees, customers, home workers and more will present a number of possibilities. And whether you ultimately choose to transition your ISDN lines over to SIP trunks or adopt a more holistic cloud communications solution, this webinar will set you on the journey to determining the right strategy for your business.

Join Zen senior product managers Lee Houston and Andy Sayle as they discuss:
* The key milestones you need to be aware of between now and 2025
* Why you need to start thinking about your strategy today
* The evolution of business communication
* The various options and opportunities available
* Why this change is happening

Covering the above and more, Lee and Andy will provide the insight you need to start planning for the future of your business communications.

Register to view this informative webinar here.

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