21 July 2020

A five minute, one-liner challenge featuring: Milton Jones, Tim Vine and 25 other comedians. Brilliant!

The primary source of income for every comedian in the UK has been stripped away due to the impact of the Coronavirus - shutting down venues and cancelling live events. If you value live comedy as much as we do at NextUp and respect the performers who dedicate their lives to bringing us laughter - let’s band together and #hecklethevirus. If you enjoyed the video, and can afford to please donate here: HeckleTheVirus

Thanks to every who took part, in order of appearance: Mark Simmons, Milton Jones, Tony Cowards, Adam Bloom, Joe Bor, Adam Bloom, Masai Graham, Adele Cliffe, Dan Evans, Josh Pugh, Olaf Falafel, Luvdev Barpaga, Bec Hill, Paul F Taylor, El Baldinhio, Noel James, Jack Gleadow, Peter Brush, Robert White, Darren Walsh, Julian Deane, Jenny Collier, Chris Turner, Alf, Gareth Richards, Stephen Grant, Tim Vine & Danny Ward.

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