22 July 2020

Support the National Motorcycle Museum - buy a ticket to for the chance to win an amazing classic motorcycle!

Many visitors will not realise that the National Motorcycle Museum receives no external funding whatsoever. This means that, not only do we rely on visitors to the museum, but mainly on the income from our conference business and two sister hotels.

Everyone knows that hospitality and leisure has been one of the worst hit sectors, and we don’t know when our National Conference Centre,  Manor Hotel Meriden, and Windmill Village Hotel Coventry will be able to reopen fully, let alone trade profitably.

Museum Director James Hewing explains further: “Without the income from our three sister businesses, there is little likelihood of the museum opening, and then remaining open, until they return to normal trading.

The museum itself requires a surplus of around £500,000 per year just to break even. Without making this appeal, we may have to sell some of our reserve collection of bikes, the last thing we would ever have wanted to do.

Unfortunately, all of our business activities are in one of the hardest hit sectors, and we simply don’t know how long they will take to recover”.

Therefore, the museum is launching an appeal which gives people the chance to help us raise the £500,000 required in two different ways:

1) On Friday 17/07/20 we will be launching a special Covid-19 Museum appeal raffle with the chance to win the following fantastic classic motorcycles, one new/old stock and two which have been restored in the museums workshop's! This special appeal raffle will be extra to our normal summer & winter raffles which will operate as usual.
1st Prize: New/Old Stock 1977 Norton Commando 850cc motorcycle.
2nd Prize: 1948 Ariel NG 350cc Motorcycle.
3rd Prize: 1959 BSA B31 350cc Motorcycle.

2) By visiting our website www.thenmm.co.uk  and donating to our reopening appeal fund. From 17/07/20, you will find a link to the appeal fund donation page and can be assured that any amount donated will be used to help us reopen/remain open until normal trading resumes. Not only this, but you will be helping to preserve as much of our reserve collection as possible.

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