Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The top 10 Motorcycle innovations that never caught on

Yamaha would be forgiven for experiencing some nerves at the moment. Having revealed its MT-09-powered NIKEN three-wheeler, it now faces the task of getting some motorcyclists to embrace the idea by buying it.  

When the Niken was shown at a press conference in Milan earlier this month, it seemed clear that the firm sensed a potential challenge ahead. Yamaha Europe's Chief Operating Officer Eric de Seynes ended the press conference by saying: “Please, please, please, test it, try it. You will discover another way of riding and it is fantastic... never judge it before to test it. Please.”

It probably is brilliant to ride - but are we ready for a third wheel? We (and Yamaha) will find out soon enough. In the meantime, here are 10 other revolutionary motorcycle ideas that drowned in a sea of conformity.

BTW, here are my favourites from this list, both by Suzuki:
Falcorustyco (honestly what a stoopid / appropriate name for a Suzuki - "Rusty-Co"!) & Nuda. Both bonkers & glorious machines!

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