Tuesday, 28 November 2017

League of Gentlemen reunion - back on our screens soon!

"Welcome to Royston Vasey. You'll never leave." That sign greeted visitors to The League of Gentlemen's fictional home town. And it's proving true for the cult sketch show's creators, who have been drawn back there for three Christmas specials after more than a decade away.

During three award-winning TV series, a film and a stage show, the twilight zone of Royston Vasey was home to a collection of sinister, twisted and wickedly funny characters, including:

The grotesque Tubbs and Edward, fiercely protective of their "local shop for local people", who warned unfortunate visitors "we'll have no trouble here"

Demonic carnival ringmaster Papa Lazarou, who kidnapped women, calling them all Dave and telling them "you're my wife now"

Sadistic pen-pushing Job Centre trainer Pauline and her loyal trainee Mickey

Hilary Briss, the butcher who sold illicit, addictive and unspecified meat known as his "special stuff"

Herr Lipp, the German schoolmaster whose poor English skills often threw up double entendres.

The co-stars have reunited for the 20th anniversary of two things - winning the Perrier, the top comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe, and their first national exposure with a series on BBC Radio 4.