Thursday, 23 November 2017

Facebook's action plan against foreign (Russian) election interference

We are committed to protecting legitimate political discussion within our community and fighting foreign interference in elections. That's why we are taking steps to increase Facebook's transparency and security.

Strengthening Enforcement
Investing in operations: We're improving our systems to keep activity on Facebook authentic. This includes hiring 10,000 people including ad reviewers, engineers and security experts and combining their skills with advances in AI and machine learning to identify and remove content violations and fake accounts.
Updating our policies: We're updating our policy to block ads from Pages that repeatedly share stories marked as false by third-party fact-checking organizations.

Increasing Transparency
Sharing 3,000 ads with Congress: We're actively collaborating with government authorities and other technology companies to identify common threats and stop foreign interference.
Making advertising more transparent: We're building new tools to make it clearer who is paying for political ads, and we're making it possible for you to click a link and see the ads a Page is running, even ones not targeted to you. In addition, anyone purchasing US election ads will now be required to confirm who they are.

Supporting an Informed Community
Fighting false news: We're committed to preventing the spread of false news by removing economic incentives for spammers, building new products, and helping people make more informed decisions about what to read, trust and share.
Reducing clickbait: We've made updates so that you see fewer clickbait stories in your News Feed.

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