Thursday, 30 November 2017

Motorcyclists: it's time to layer up for the winter!

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how good your gear is or how much you spent on it, when the temperatures get close to zero, you’re probably going to feel cold on the bike. 

Bear this in mind. If the temperature is, say 5° Celsius, at 70 mph the effective temperature is -10° Celsius. If the temperature is 0° Celsius, the temperature drops to -19° Celsius at 60mph. At that temperature, if your balls were made of brass, they would simply drop off! 

A fairing on the bike will help you feel warmer, as do heated grips, but when you ride a motorbike, you sign up for the good old days as well as the bad ones. And there’s no way around it, when you’re exposed to the elements and it’s cold and wet, you’re going to have to endure a certain amount of discomfort. 

Crucial to keeping you warm and, importantly, dry are the right base layers. They can make a huge difference. For more information, click here and go to our editorial on base layers