Monday, 11 September 2017

Will you be buying the new iPhone? Lets see what the techies think...

Will you be buying the next iPhone (announced on Sept 12)?

I'm not an Apple fan. I do however support many clients who use Apple tech (iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, etc). It's well designed, nicely made kit. 

However, for the vast majority of Donline clients, on a bang-for-buck basis, I don't & wouldn't recommend it. 
Donline uses, & supplies Toshiba & Fujitsu personal computers to my clients.

There is a small subset of computer users (high end production of Video, Music, Design) where Apple kit may (debatable!) be an appropriate solution: the correct tool for the job.

Generally though, using any metric you care to look at: compatibility, supportability, ease of use, longevity, security, price - I can offer a Wintel solution which will do the job better, faster, cheaper.

Regarding mobiles, generally I recommend Android.
For example: over the last two years I have been using Sony Xperia Z3 Compact phones in the business. I just upgraded the Donline phones last week, & was so happy with the Z3s, I have switched to Sony Xperia X Compact phones. These new devices are even better & I'm very happy to recommend them if you are looking for a new mobile phone.

Virtually none of the techies that I know, use or recommend Apple kit.
Hmmm, what is the moral of this story...

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