Wednesday, 27 September 2017

U2 - "You're The Best Thing About Me”

"I can see it all so clearly
I can see what you can't see
I can see you love her loudly
When she needs you quietly…"

U2 first played New York City in 1980... and they can’t keep away. 

The new video for "You’re The Best Thing About Me,” directed by Jonas Åkerlund, sees band members reveling in the sights and sounds of New York City where, as a young Dublin four-piece, they played their first U.S. club gig in December 1980, beginning a love affair with the city which has endured for almost 40 years.

I have loved U2 for around 35 years since my dear pals in the WLPAA (don't ask!) introduced me to their fantastic music. God Bless U2! 
Dedicated to my darling Kimmy xxx