Thursday, 7 September 2017

The downside of Broadband? Loss of view, would you believe?

A group of pensioners are in dispute with Virgin Media after the firm installed broadband cabinets in front of their homes in East Renfrewshire.

Donald, 88, and Rosemary Ferguson, 82, and their neighbour Betty McGrath, 83, claim the 5ft-tall boxes stop light from coming through their windows.

The cabinets were put in the street beside the Barrhead flats in January.

A Virgin Media spokeswoman said correct procedures were followed prior to installation.

Mrs Ferguson, who has lived at the address for seven years, said they were never informed the boxes would be placed directly outside their home.

She said: "This has really affected our homes. "It completely blocks out any light from coming into the house, and we now have no outlook at all.

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