19 September 2017

Celebrating the 4 Millionth British built Vauxhall Astra

As the home of the Vauxhall Astra, Ellesmere Port has been making the British built car for almost 40 years.

And today, proud employees marked the landmark moment the 4 millionth car rolled off the production line, with a choreographed display of 236 Astra Sport Tourers to spell out the feat.

Making the iconic British car since 1981, the plant has provided employment for generations of local families, ploughing millions into the local economy.

The celebratory image (above), which took 12-hours, 57 red and 179 white cars to assemble, spelled out the achievement in Astra’s trademark red, honoring the thousands of employees who have contributed to the momentous milestone.

Ellesmere Port has produced all seven generations of the famous Astra, exporting over two million vehicles to 25 European markets and even Australia in the early years. Today it employs nearly 2,000 people and many more depend on it in the supply chain, as it builds approximately 680 Astras a day.

All of my personal cars for the last 15+ years have been Astras:
Astra SRi 1.4 Turbo 150bhp. White (Mk7 / Model K).
Astra SRi 2.0 CDTI 160bhp. Silver (Mk6 / Model J).
Astra SRi 1.9 CDTI. 150bhp. Silver (Mk5 / Model H).
Astra SRi 1.8i Petrol. 123bhp. 5 Door Hatchback. Silver (Mk4 / Model G).
Astra 1.4 GLSi 5 Door Hatchback. Maroon (Mk3 / Model F).

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