29 September 2017

Rukka Virium Gloves - the best gloves in the world? Gets my vote!

Rukka makes great gear; it’s rarely inexpensive, but it is often the best. 

The Virium is, in our opinion, probably the very best three-season glove on the market. And a three-season glove is about as good as you’ll ever find, because no glove out there is going to cope with the demands of the coldest winter days as well as the warmest summer ones. The Virium is not a winter glove. There are, without doubt, warmer gloves out there. But it is as waterproof as any glove you’ll ever wear, and that’s partly because there’s almost no leather on the outer surface. All the leather parts are on the inner side for better feel on the grips. If you have heated grips, the Virium will see you fairly deep into the winter months, although on the very coldest days you may want something with more thermal padding. 

For us, however, the outstanding feature of the Virium is its fit. It just seems to work on just about everybody, with a comfortable but snug fit that is totally reassuring. The lining is bonded at the finger tips for extra feeling. You get hard knuckle and scaphoid protection, and rubber reinforcement on the fingers. The palm has high-grip panelling, there are touchscreen-friendly fingertips, and you get a visor wipe on the left index finger. 

If you could only have one pair of glove, it would be these. 
The best all-round biking gloves you can buy? We would coco.

I have several pairs of bike gloves: Alpinestars SP2, Bering VX1, Spidi Honda MX, and by far my favourite: Rukka Virium
They fit, erm, like a glove! Good armour, warm, but not too thick. Dry - due to the Gore-Tex lining. Highly recommended!

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