Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Manage your email - zero that Inbox!

Donline often works with clients who have hundreds or even thousands of emails in their Inbox. Not only is this unnecessary, it leaves you in a "can't see the wood for the trees" situation.

I use my email Inbox as workflow, & try to keep my Inbox down to a tidal level of around 20-40 messages. It might sound like I don't get a lot of mail - far from it! I receive between 100-200 emails a day! So how do I stay on to of it? Glad you asked...

How to Use the 4 D’s to Tame Your Inbox

DELETE IT - This is the easiest D on the list. If an email isn’t important, delete it right now. This means that junk, spam, and promotional emails that come in need to go out just as quickly.

DO IT - Any message that takes 5 minutes or less to respond to should be done right now. No reason to put off such a simple email when you can just handle it on the spot and move on.

DELEGATE IT - It’s one thing to buckle down and get work done, and something else entirely to know when something either doesn’t concern you or would be handled better by someone else.

DEFER IT - Ah, everyone’s favorite way to deal with email. Also known as the maƱana method of task management in Spanish-speaking countries, deferring email to a later date is the go-to method for most of us.