06 May 2022

Child of Hope Uganda - a new video tour of the school

Child of Hope makes huge social impact for the poorest and most vulnerable slum children and their families from its schools in Eastern Uganda. Please consider supporting Child of Hope.

Our work takes place in the Namatala slum near Mbale, where we have built our nursery/primary school and secondary school. Up to 30,000 people live there, many are internally displaced people (IDPs) from the north. Around half the population is school age but poverty prevents most of them going to school.

We love telling our stories through pictures and video. All these short films star our kids... part of what we want to achieve is to give them a voice. Enjoy!

Our school (2022): Enjoy a 6-minute tour around our nursery/primary school in Namatala slum, guided by pupil Isaiah.


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