25 October 2021

Windows 11: an exercise in aesthetics - don't bother!


Windows 11 seemed to come out of nowhere, and while it brings a host of aesthetic improvements and some performance changes under the hood, it feels like a minor update in the scheme of OS upgrades.

Some of the changes here: a redesigned store, DirectStorage for faster game loading, and a cleaned up interface, are appreciated, but to get there you have to wade through a complicated install/upgrade process that has us wondering whether the hassle is worth it.

I've been asked by a number of Donline clients whether or not to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Operating System - Windows 11. Here is my answer: don't bother (at the moment), wait till they iron out some annoyances. 

Usually I experiment with a new OS' in Beta & RTM using a Virtual Machine or on a spare piece of hardware. However, the crazy minimum hardware requirements of Win11 preclude that! So I upgraded my own laptop - the results are disappointing. Visually attractive - but that's NOT what I want from a business Operating System! I need an OS that makes me more productive. That isn't happening here. I can tweak some of the annoyances out of the system - but some are hard coded in - and not fixable. In a nutshell: Win11 is costing me time & money... 

The last time Microsoft released an OS like Win11 - was Windows 8, before that Vista, before that WinME. Remember them? Microsoft would prefer it if you didn't!

So, I'd say: give Win11 a miss - for now. Donline takes the pain, so you don't have to!

Have a look at Engadget's excellent review of Win11 on YouTube:

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