04 October 2021

An open letter from Andrew Lindsay, CEO of Utility Warehouse

We’re going nowhere! It’s an energy shambles out there. Deals are being withdrawn, suppliers are going under and customers are facing huge price increases, hassle and stress.

For something as important as the energy that powers their homes, we believe people deserve better: a company they can rely on and the confidence they’ll always pay a fair price for what they use.

That’s exactly what we offer, and that’s because we’re different.

We’re more than just an energy company. We bundle together all your home services into one - energy, broadband, mobile and insurance - and the more of them you take, the more you save. What’s more (and unlike companies who are in difficulty at the moment) it also means we aren’t solely reliant on energy.

We promote our services differently too. Over the past two decades, we’ve become the biggest utility company you’ve never heard of. We now have over 650,000 customers and we’re currently the Which? Utilities Brand of the Year. But we don’t spend money on flashy TV ads or splash our name all over footballers’ shirts. Instead, we’ve grown thanks to thousands of UW Partners who recommend us to their friends, colleagues and neighbours.

And we take a responsible, long-term approach to buying the energy our customers use, meaning we can always guarantee to beat the price cap set by Ofgem - today and in the future.

Let me reassure you, our customers and all our UW Partners, that we’re here to stay.

In fact, after more than twenty years in business, we’re only just getting started.

Andrew Lindsay, CEO


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