Monday, 19 July 2021

Piaggio MP3 - 3 wheel scooter. In a word "Nah"


I've recently had the "pleasure" of a couple of rides on a mate's Piaggio MP3 Scooter (3 wheels - 2 at the front). Well, that was an experience! 

Over the years, I've ridden most things: scooters, sport bikes, adventure, motocross, tourers, cruisers, etc. Usually (as you might have noticed) I enjoy most things two wheeled. This is the first bike that I've ever ridden where I was pleased to get off & hand it back!

Apart from the fact the engine cut out two or three times in one relatively short journey, the whole feel of this "bike" could be summed up as "vague". Sometimes in a corner, I felt the leaning front end suspension system doing it's thing - which actually was pretty cool. Most other times it just felt loose! Almost like there was a broken linkage, or a flat tyre on one side. Glad I was riding it in warm dry weather - wouldn't have been fun in wet / windy conditions! 

I thought that I'd try getting some heat into the tyres to see if that improved matters - using the good old controlled front end weave manoeuvre. Aaagh - that was scary - thought the bike was going to throw me off!

OK this bike was a "well used example" and that might account for some of my experience, but based on my experience, I honestly couldn't recommend one. While on the subject of 3 wheeled contraptions: I never got round to riding the Yamaha Nikken - most peeps who have ridden one loved it. But almost no-one bought one... I'll stick to two wheels I think!

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