Monday, 2 November 2020

Covid-19 and motorbikes: Travel restrictions return to England

With Boris Johnson confirming a return to nationwide ‘lockdown’ from Thursday, November 5, the government has told people they must not travel unless it’s an essential journey. To that effect, recreational motorcycling is on pause for at least the next four weeks.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ride your motorcycle at all – you can still use a bike for essential journeys, such as going for food and medicine or visiting someone in your support bubble, but you can’t head out for a ride with some mates. The government guidance has also said you may make a short journey for exercise, however at the time of writing they have not said how far you may travel other than saying you should stay within your local area.

UPDATE (19/11/20): update from Andrew Dalton’s blog as to whether we can ride our motorbikes during lockdown: In a nutshell, our view is that riding a motorbike is “open air recreation” and you can do it in a “public outdoor place”. This includes a “highway.” If Parliament had intended anything else it would have stated that. However, to be clear, if you go out with 10 of your mates for example, you are in breaking the law.

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