12 October 2022

The Norton Commando is back & better than ever!


THE 2023 Norton Commando 961 is everything the 2019 model wished it could be. But that has been no easy feat. Norton has spent over 100,000 man-hours refining an icon, a machine that is (and always has been) all about style and turning heads. 

Billet aluminium everywhere, the hand-finished Commando hails from the Solihull factory as a self-confessed ‘best ever’ version of the iconic British Motorcycle.

Alex was out in the North Wessex Downs, near Newbury, for the launch ride (or, re-launch if you will) of a TVS-backed new-Norton’s next, newest, and arguably most important release.

Where the first-ever Commando was first seen in 1967, with over 55,000 models sold since then, this machine is every bit of an icon as ever. Despite recent troubles (click here for more info), Norton is confident to announce that this is the best-ever Commando, benefitting from hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment & man hours to ‘re-launch’ a timeless machine that has clearly been passionately built in the UK.


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