24 October 2022

The 3 top SCAMS to watch out for

While fraud and scams are not new, advances in technology give criminals more ways to attempt to access your money. Knowing the techniques they use can help you protect yourself and your money.

Investment scams: Fraudsters will try to pressure you into buying worthless or non-existent shares. These can include crypto-currency, gold or even wine. They’ll use a variety of sales approaches to contact you, so please be cautious.

Purchase scams: While online shopping may be quick and convenient, we must be careful as fraudsters can use this to their advantage. They can trick you into paying for high value goods that don’t exist, often through social media or auction sites.

Impersonation scams: Impersonation scams happen when a fraudster contacts you pretending to be from your bank, the police, or another trusted organisation to convince you to send them money.

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