28 October 2022

An estimated 1 million UK drivers could be hit by a £1,000 fine for failing to update their photocard driving licence

THE Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) has data which shows that more than 900,000 UK motorists are at risk of having to pay a £1,000 fine for using an expired photocard driving licence.

The news comes from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the Press Association, which highlighted the number of drivers on UK roads using expired photocard driving licences.

The number means that around 2% of UK road users are still out on the road with licences that ran out in August this year – 2022. While some of those road users will have simply stopped driving without notifying the DVLA, a great number are likely to be still using their vehicles unknowing that their licence is expired. The same FOI request found that some 2.5 million road users did indeed renew their licence this year, although they did so after the expiration date noted on the licence.

The DVLA has reported that those who renewed after the expiration date will not be fined, as will those who have active renewals with the agency.


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