27 January 2020

Mini Moto Madness: Honda Grom vs Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs Honda Monkey

Boredom. The number one threat to any office environment. It can strike anywhere, and anytime. Thankfully, with a fleet of shiny new motorcycles in the garage, the cure is a twist of the throttle away for the On Two Wheels crew…or so they think.

What begins as an adrenaline-fueled plan to melt knee pucks on what Morgan Gales and Adam Waheed assume are liter-and-above-sized sportbikes morphs into a less palatable mission. Justin Dawes dupes them by lining up a trio of budget-friendly 125cc streetbikes from Honda (Grom MSX125 and Monkey) and Kawasaki (Z125 Pro) beside the tantalizing 180-some horsepower rockets.

The plan is simple, or so they think: Ride to a racetrack somewhere in Southern California. Could it be Willow Springs International Raceway? Buttonwillow, or Chuckwalla Valley Raceway? Either way the guys are going to have to traverse hundreds of miles of gridlock SoCal traffic and desert to do it. Tune in and see what surprises lay ahead for the On Two Wheels crew.

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