29 January 2020

Bikesure - Forever Bikes: John Cann’s Norton Dominator. Over 60 years on one bike!

John Cann’s Norton Dominator is much more than just a motorcycle. It’s an old friend, a time capsule that brings back memories of teenage freedom, youthful holidays and taking the washing home for your mum.

John was just 18 when he paid £165 for the 1958 Norton and, now, the best part of six decades later, he’s still regularly riding this symbol of the heyday of British motorbikes.

We’re sitting in his garden in south Norfolk, trying to find some shade on a roasting July day, the Model 99 Dominator resting on the patio and ready to flex its muscles.

John’s wife, Mary, who met her husband a couple of years after he bought the Norton, serves cold drinks as we trace the story of man and bike back to his childhood in the 1950s.

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