14 December 2018

Dog stuff from our favourite Bike gear manufacturer: Rukka Pets!

From Motolegends: We're not a pet business. We sell motorcycle apparel and safety wear, so I never imagined that, one day, we'd be loading dog jackets onto the website, and wondering how to work out what size coat a particular dog is going to need. Especially as we’ve only just got to grips with working out what size a human rider is going to need! The pet market is going to require a whole new set of skills. 

Yet here we are, and we're here only because of Rukka. We love the Finnish brand, we love their ethos, and we love the quality of their products. So when they told us that they made the world's best bike dog coats and jackets, we were so intrigued that we decided to take on pretty much the entire range. 

Interestingly, Rukka tell us that, on social media, their profile in the dog world dwarfs their position in motorcycling. For us, it's a bit of fun. We are always drawn to exceptional products, and we like dogs. If you want to avail yourself of some superior outwear for the mutt in your life, click below.

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