Monday, 3 December 2018

Back from our hols, a great cruise to the Canaries. One of the highlights: Madeira by URAL sidecar outfit!!!

So: we FINALLY managed to get away on hols: tools downed - just having a fab old time. OK, we did get away  for 4 days in June: Devon & Cornwall. but I find that 4 days off work a year, somehow just isn't enough. I dunno, call me greedy...

A great holiday shared with our dear pals Brian & Tracy. We went on the Marella (Thomson / Tui) Dream on their 7/8 day Canarian Flavours cruise. We had a great time, went to great destinations, met some lovely people, lots of great food and drink.

What I want to share with you is the fantastic Ural sidecar tour of Funchal, MadeiraIf you find yourself in Madeira - contact Madeira Sidecar Tours - they are superb. Sadly the weather was a bit inclement - ranging between generally damp & light rain, but as I said to Filipe - our very able pilot - we are British & used to the odd bit of rain(!). 

Bri took the bathtub, I took the pillion seat. Very comfy for both of us! The URAL is agricultural, old fashioned, clunky, slow & under powered. Surely that makes it rubbish, I hear you ask? Not at all - I totally loved it! We averaged 15-20 odd MPH, never above 25mph. I have never had so much fun at such slow speeds! It was stable on slippery, inclined steep roads (up & down). It's got a huge boot & spare wheel!

I love the idea of taking Calli on my bike, but can't work out a safe way to take a 10-11 Kg beloved pooch. Sidecar: problem solved!

Only problem: URALs are (somehow) over £15k new!!! For that much, you can have the choice of pretty much any modern bike... Now, if I can find a pre EFI model for £3k on eBay, then that might work. But, where to put it? Aah, those first world problems...

What a great experience, the URAL is so unlike a normal bike - if you get a chance, try it - an absolute hoot! Now, back to modern bikes, but still with three wheels... Look what I have a trial set up on: the new Yamaha Niken! It is apparently a crazy, brilliant thing! Review to follow later this month...

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