13 December 2018

Why young people expect to work just a few months in each job before moving on

Young Brits no longer believe in a “job for life” and want to work for only a few months in a post before moving on, according to new survey findings.

A new study by JOB TODAY discovered the average 16 to 29-year-old expects to be in his or her current job for just four and a half months.

The average youngster expects to have six jobs in his or her lifetime with many putting this down to the changing job climate. Just over a third said they expect more variation in their day to day career explaining why 16% of 16 to 29-year olds have more than one job compared to 86% of 30 to 44-year olds who have just one job.

According to the data, 63% of all adult Brits said they will spend less time in one job than their parents, with 16 to 29-year olds topping the list spending the least time in comparison.

Half of all working Brits put this down to more flexibility in the job market with men expecting to spend just three months in their current role compared to five months for women.

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