Saturday, 14 January 2017

What's the best Rukka motorcycle suit for me?

So, you're a policeman, a courier, a blood-runner, or perhaps a high-mileage commuter; and you've decided that the only gear that's up to the job is made by the Finnish maker.

Or you're somebody who likes to push the boat out and buy the best. And there's little doubting that, on a number of scores, Rukka does make some of the best gear on the market.

It's not for everybody, but it's incredibly well constructed from the toughest materials. With its laminated construction, it will keep the rain out for longer, and when it does get wet it will dry out faster than a traditional jacket and trousers equipped with a drop-liner waterproof membrane. For some, the icing on the cake is Rukka's unique six year warranty.

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