01 August 2017

Stop me if you've heard this one before: seven priests walk into a pub...

Seven seminarians walk into a pub to celebrate after an ordination.  Naturally they are dressed in their clerical shirts etc.  The bartender says “Sorry gents, we don’t do fancy dress or stag dos”.  Aghast, the seminarians thought this must surely be a joke, but in fact he was serious.  “But we are real” they say, to no avail, they turn and leave.  Denied of their pint of Brains, they leave all sullen wondering where to go next.   Suddenly a man presumed to be the bar manager approaches them at the door and reassures them that he believes that they are real and invites them back in.  As a goodwill gesture he provides the men with a round of drinks and an outburst of applause fills the bar.

As one famous comedian once said “It’s the way I tell em”. Not much of a joke you say? That’s because it’s not a joke! This actually happened to our seminarians following the ordination of Fr. Peter McLaren last Saturday.  What a fantastic story indeed!  The bar in question is one of the most popular pubs in Cardiff – ‘The City Arms’.  They’ve even used our own Rev. James to promote their Rev. James.

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