24 August 2017

Audi is developing a “solar sun roof” to power your electric car

In 2017, Audi is one of the most cutting-edge brands in the EV space – and now it wants to push its technology even further. In an announcement yesterday, Audi announced it will be working to put solar panels on its electric cars – and it could make EVs even better for the environment.

Audi is working with Alta Devices – a subsidiary of the Chinese company Hanergy – to integrate super-thin solar cells into panoramic glass roofs. After that, they’ll work on integrating these solar panels into the entire roof of the car, increasing the amount of energy generated. Both companies say they will have completed a joint prototype of the solar-powered panoramic roof later this year – with more advanced designs covering the entire roof arriving after that.

The solar cells that will be used are more than 25% efficient, and they’re also very thin and flexible – ideal for the curves of car bodywork. What’s more, Audi says the cells are particularly good in low light and high temperatures, which means they’ll be suited to their new environment.

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