09 August 2017

OK, I love Gin & Motorcyles, but SURELY this is too much?...

Taking Hipster to 11: Gin Made with Harley-Davidson Parts

While the stereotypical Harley rider is often characterized as a beer drinker, Uwe Ehinger (aka The Archaeologist) figured that the best way to preserve old Knucklehead parts was in gin. We're not entirely sure why.

But we’re not making this up: Ehinger's "The Archaeologist Premium Dry Gin" contains original Harley parts culled from bins and backwaters around the world. 

One may savor the flavor of a ’39 Flathead cam that was once rusting in a Mexican desert, or rocker arms from a ’62 Panhead from a village in South Korea, or screw-nuts from the final resting place of a ’47 Knucklehead in the mountains of Chile. 

Alternatively, let's not...

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