02 August 2017

An update on the Snopes.com crowdfunded rescue plan - good (not fake!) news!

Dear Readers,

We cannot express the extent to which we are gratified and humbled at how so many of you graciously contributed to our campaign and enabled us to continue our work during this difficult time. We received donations not only from all 50 states, but from 69 different countries around the world as well.  We are truly amazed that our mission and our story have achieved such a wide audience, and that they have brought together so many people.

The GoFundMe team is in the process of releasing the donations directly to the company, where our controller will ensure the funds are allocated appropriately and our commitment to our donors is maintained. 

To demonstrate our everlasting gratitude to all of you, our team has put together a short video to thank you for your support and attest to the importance of what you have helped us accomplish.

Sincerely yours,

Team Snopes

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