Thursday, 29 June 2017

RansomWare can destroy your data. When did you last backup?

The criminals behind the RansomWare attacks that we have seen recently state that they will restore access to your data if you pay their "fees". However, I wouldn't recommend it.

1) What guarantee do you have that they will do anything at all other than take your money?
2) They have already had their malware in your PC - maybe something nasty is still there?
3) Are you perpetuating their criminal business model - showing that crime pays?
4) Have you just stuck a big target on your head, and said that you are willing to engage with these crooks & their schemes?

The best option is to prepare for disaster by regularly backing up your data, so it can be restored if the worst does happen. Of course, it isn't just RansomWare that can strike: Hard Disk Drives can fail, virus / malware infections, physical theft of a PC, power surges, etc...

PCs are relatively cheap, software can be reinstalled, but your data is generally irreplaceable. 

These two USB devices are ideal for backing up your data:
Kingston 64 GB Flash Drive at:
Western Digital 2 TB External Hard Drive at:
Just make sure that whatever you buy is big enough to store all of your data: 
documents, pictures, music, videos, etc - while allowing room for growth.

Contact Donline for help and advice on how to backup and protect your data.