Saturday, 10 June 2017

Daesh murder and maim Christians in Egypt, goes widely under-reported

20 May 2017. 29 Christians in Egypt died when terrorists attacked their bus. Forty-two others were seriously injured and the assassins got away. That story vanished in less than 48 hours.

Here’s what you probably never heard:  The Christian group of parents, grandparents, and children were travelling in two busses to pray at a monastery. Their vehicles were stopped by terrorists outside the town of Minya.  After the busses were surrounded by killers, passengers on one of the buses were forced to exit the bus one by one.  As each reached the door to face masked gunmen, they were asked, “Are you Muslim?” None of them were. Each was then given a chance to renounce Jesus Christ and convert to Islam.

As each passenger confessed Christ and refused to convert, he was dragged a few feet away to be killed by either a shot in the head or a slit throat.  One at a time, nineteen adults, and ten children were ordered to become Muslims or die.  One by one they were instantly murdered. The criminals then fired on the group in the second bus, injuring 42, before speeding away to safety.

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