08 March 2021

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors: am I now allowed to go for a ride on my bike?

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors 08/03/21 - It’s been a long time to wait we know, but our Government does like to leave things till the eleventh hour! The law regarding venturing out has finally been published. And I’ve written a blog on how I see it affecting bikers.

To start with let me be clear - national lockdown has not ended and we have not returned to any of the tier systems so don’t think that what’s gone before is reinstated.

Essentially you’re still not supposed to be going out if you can avoid it. But there are now exceptions and one of these is to visit a “public outdoor place” for “open air recreation.”

And the good news is you can use your wheels for this. But in a group of no more than two - and that includes pillions - so three’s a crowd and you can’t get a big group together for a day out.

Remember - you can only go out if an “exception” applies - so don’t just think you can head on out and do what you want - read and save the blog, print out the rules, even keep them with you.

The law is new, untried and untested so understandably different police forces will need time to interpret it.

My advice is don’t get into an argument with a copper. Keep your cool and it may help to have my full blog with you.

Take the time to read the blog in detail too so you know and understand fully the risks of heading out.

For some it may still be too soon - that’s a moral question for you not a legal one.

Hopefully the blog will answer your questions .

Andrew Prendergast, Managing Partner 


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