29 March 2021

Ariel's latest upgrade! R&G's Tail-Tidy kit for the Honda CB1000R Neo Sport Cafe


This is a short video of my experience installing the R&G Tail Tidy kit (SKU: LP0254BK) for my Honda CB1000R+ Neo Sport Cafe.

Why do this upgrade? Honda standard fit this gorgeous, delicately designed bike with a humongous plastic/ally rear fender/mudguard/reg plate holder. The R&G tail tidy removes this entire assembly & looses almost 1.7Kg at the same time.

The UK cost is approx £150 - which is quite a lot when you see what comes in the box! HOWEVER - the design & build quality is excellent. When you have completed the install - you'll be glad you hadn't ordered a cheapo Chinese knock-off...

Do have a look at this excellent video from "The 333". I wondered why he didn't include more footage of the install itself. The reason (I suspect) is the R&G instructions for installing this kit leave plenty to the imagination! So sometimes you have to be creative - or use your imagination! So where I wanted to include shots of all steps of the process, it all got a bit tricky, and sadly wasn't easily possible to do capture all of the installation.

Top tip: stick the unreadable printed instructions in the recycling, then download & print this version in A4 full colour! Then keep an open mind regarding these instructions & crack on!

If you are thinking of installing this tail-tidy on your bike - just do it! Honestly - it looks fab & really smartens up the rear end of an already very pretty bike.

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