19 March 2021

A new Windows is coming this year. What does it mean for you?

It's no secret that Microsoft is launching a new Windows this year. Windows 10X has been in the works for a long time, building on the Windows Core OS project that also powers HoloLens 2. Originally intended for use on dual-screen devices like the postponed Surface Neo, Windows 10X has been reconfigured for use with single-screen laptops and will roll out in the next few months, on new systems. 

You could think of 2021's version of Windows 10X as Microsoft's answer to Google's Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system for relatively low-cost hardware that will mainly run cloud-hosted and web applications. It's not the full desktop Windows 10 that many people use for work and for gaming, and it's unlikely to ever replace it. 

Microsoft has had to make significant design compromises to deliver a new operating system, changes that make it more akin to Windows 8's Windows RT


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