Wednesday, 6 May 2020

We beg, implore and beseech thee. Stop reusing the same damn password everywhere!

Two-thirds of people recycle the same password or use variations on the same basic one, according to LogMeIn.

Even though more than 90 per cent of people surveyed by the password manager biz said they knew it was risky to recycle passwords or light variations on a theme, 66 per cent of respondents admitted they "always or mostly use the same password or a variation".

These findings came from LogMeIn's Psychology of Passwords report, released recently, that quizzed 3,250 people and discovered that half of them across the world hadn't changed their passwords over the past 12 months "even after hearing about a breach in the news".

Depressingly, that number rose to 58 per cent for Britons specifically who did not change their passwords after reading about a breach on the news. A whopping 92 per cent of Brits reuse passwords despite being aware of the risks.

Click here to find out more about the risks in poor password hygiene, and advice on how to stay safe.

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