25 March 2019

The church where drugs and knives are left at the altar: SPAC Nation

A church in south London is saving people from a life of crime by using former gang members to show others a different way of life. So, how does SPAC Nation work?

It is not a scene you would expect to find in a church. Lead pastor Tobi Adegboyega asks members of the congregation to make their way to the front with any weapons they may have in their pockets. It is a system based on trust but such amnesties have proved successful. "We've had times where people are coming to the altar and dropping their knives and drugs," explains fellow minister Connor Callaghan.

Watch the documentary on BBC iPlayer: Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail or Redemption. Former gang leader, Kevin, has just become a pastor. He is now trying to persuade high ranking gang members to leave their gangs and turn their lives around. 

May God Bless this ministry! All too often we hear in the news of gang violence and stabbings in inner cities, but no-one in authority seems to know what to do about it.
Here we have Godly folks reaching out to their communities, and giving gang members a real opportunity to transform their lives. 
Please lift up these good people & their work in your Prayers.

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