01 March 2019

Amazon stops selling Dash buttons - HORRAY!

Amazon says it has stopped selling its Dash buttons because shoppers are using other methods to buy products. The plastic Dash buttons were designed to be stuck around the home and pressed to reorder specific products on Amazon.

Amazon said product subscriptions and automatic reordering had since grown in popularity making the buttons unnecessary.

The Dash buttons were designed to make it easier to reorder products such as laundry detergent or toothpaste. People could stick the brightly coloured buttons on the washing machine or in the bathroom cupboard, and press the button when products were running out. The button, connected to the home WiFi, would then place an order on Amazon.

The buttons cost £4.99 to buy, or $4.99 in the US, although this was deducted from the first order.

Horray for that! Dash buttons have always struck me as entirely useless & a waste of resources to manufacture these "one trick pony" electronic devices. Good riddance!

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