07 November 2018

Dell special offer: Laptops at a bargain £13 million quid!

Dell are pleased to offer the following - on a great deal ~40% off!

Engineered to excel. Designed to impress. 
Dell’s thinnest, lightest and smallest 15" mobile workstation is more powerful than ever. With enhanced graphics, stunning design and best-in-class display.

Original Price: £20,002,151.65
Total Savings: £7,000,753.08
Dell Price: £13,001,398.57 Ex. VAT & Delivery

Please form an orderly queue! 
Click here to see the original page (before Dell realise their booboo & take the deal offline) - scroll to page 11 to see just how much you could save! 
I wonder if they offer a discount for bulk?

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