Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Microsoft unveils lightweight and portable Surface Go

Microsoft has unveiled its smallest and lightest Surface device, which is designed to be carried and used anywhere.

The two-in-one Surface Go has a 10-inch screen, is 8.3mm thin and weighs just 1.15 pounds. It also boasts nine hours of battery life, is able to run Office apps and is priced from just £379.

The new addition to the popular range was announced by Chief Product Officer Panos Panay on Monday night.

“Many of us play different roles throughout the day, moving from work or school to home and everywhere in between. Our products don’t do just one thing because people don’t do just one thing,” he wrote in a blog post. “Since my two youngest daughters have started using Surface Go, I see them watching movies, reading and drawing on it every day. It’s the perfect device for them. And for me, whether I’m at home, in the office, or on a plane, putting my Surface Pen on the screen and letting my thoughts flow is a necessary step in my creative process. It’s how I work. It’s so easy to carry Surface Go with me so I can capture those moments, instantly.”

Now available for pre-order here.

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