18 October 2017

Honda's new self balancing (concept?) eBike

We all know that a motorcycle's natural state is lying on its side in a pool of gasoline, and that it will do anything in its power to reach that state. What if someone built a bike that didn't fall over at the least provocation, though? It looks like the House that Soichiro built has finally come up with a way to tame the motorcycle's natural tendency to flop over with their newest concept – the Riding Assist-e.

According to Gas2, this new technological wonder is scheduled to be unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The self-balancing feature is designed to keep the motorcycle upright at very low speeds, a potential boon to beginning riders, the elderly, and disabled. There's precious little info out there on the bike's systems, but but the images available allow us to make some educated guesses. The electric motor appears to be located below the seat rather than in the rear hub, as indicated by the massive swingarm. We’re guessing that both the battery pack and self-balancing gyroscopics are centralized low in the chassis amidships.

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