23 October 2017

Bible Sunday is coming: 29 October 2017

Bible Sunday is on its way! 
Each year, churches the length and breadth of the country celebrate the Bible and this year’s celebrations will be held on Sunday 29 October 2017.

1189 Chapters
31173 verses
804, 566 words

is what you could say if someone asks you what's in the Bible. But that would be like trying to draw the Sistine chapel using crayons...blindfolded...and wearing handcuffs as you do it. 

I mean it just wouldn't do it justice would it.
Where would we be without the Bible?

Psalm 119 tells us that scripture is 'a light to our path' - it gives us spiritual direction. 

So where would we be without it?  We'd be directionless, trying to follow God but stumbling in the dark. As there are millions who are still waiting for this precious book - may we be people who are passionate about 'living it' and also 'giving it'

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